A real martial arts experience
Supervised by martial arts specialty store Tozando

Authentic Martial Arts Experience Supervised by Experts

Tozando offers a program that allows participants to experience various martial arts, including Kendo, Battodo, and Karate, all supervised by experts in each field.
The program is designed to immerse participants in the true spirit and techniques of martial arts.

High-Quality and Clean Protective Gear Provided

Leveraging its extensive experience and knowledge as a martial arts equipment specialist,
Tozando provides participants with authentic and clean protective gear, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

A Variety of Martial Arts Experience Options

To accommodate a wide range of needs, from beginners to experienced practitioners, the program starts with Kendo and will introduce new options such as Battodo and Karate.
This initiative aims to convey the charm of traditional martial arts to the modern era and open its doors to a global audience.



Kendo Plan

Learn Kendo, the ancient Japanese martial art, with lessons using protective gear and bamboo swords.
Widely taught in modern schools, Kendo fosters both physical fitness and a respectful spirit.
Master basics like etiquette, manners, movements, and gear usage with a certified instructor.
Cap it off with a fun match—beginners welcome!

Details and reservations

Image Batto

Batto Plan

Batto(抜刀) involves a sequence of actions:
drawing the sword, cutting the target, and nally, sheathing the sword.
In this plan, you will cut a rolled straw mat with a real katana, allowing you to experience the sharpness of the blade.
Additionally, you’ll learn the necessary etiquette for wielding the sword.

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